OSS Truths

OSS Truth 1
People are the most important commodity

OSS greatest strength is our people. We expect competence and character. OSS looks for uniquely skilled, uncommonly experienced, and passionate individuals bound by a collective vision to bring their best to any situation, task, or mission.

OSS Truth 2
Experienced, trained, and coordinated teams of the right people win

At OSS, everyone must be an expert in something. We find unique experts in their fields, encourage continual pursuit of their tradecraft, cross train our employees in multiple disciplines, and keep everyone informed through a flat organizational structure. We continually study, train, and rehearse our craft to perform our best.

OSS Truth 3
It takes a Network to Defeat a Network

OSS is selective on its partnerships with Industry, Academia, Government or Military. Once solidified through contract, agreement, and or a handshake, we are committed to our partner's success. Our partners are considered an extension of the OSS Network. We are committed to our partners and show that through our actions. We want our partners informed, empowered, and enabled for success. We expect the same in return.

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