Missiles, Machines, AI, & Drones (MAD)

Missiles, Machines, AI, and Drones (MAD) forms OSS's Autonomous capability, propelling groundbreaking advancements in autonomous systems. Our proficient Engineering and Technical Personnel bolster Program Manager, Uncrewed Autonomous System's (PM UAS) ventures, encompassing Small UAS, Tactical UAS, and Endurance UAS exceptional support to the US Army and USSOCOM. Our pivotal involvement extends to the Ground Vehicle Support Center (GVSC), where we excel in developing weapons machine software interface, while serving as dedicated PEO liaisons between GVSC and PM UAS. Additionally, our expertise in Modeling & Simulation empowers us to craft sophisticated autonomous solutions, evident in our contributions to UAB AVMI and continued partnership with NATO AVT in Modeling & Simulation programs embracing Autonomy. MAD's vision drives us to spearhead the forefront of autonomous technologies, revolutionizing defense systems and shaping the future of uncrewed capabilities.

Enterprise Management Services (EMS)

OSS has extensive past performance and experience in providing Enterprise Management Services (EMS) for our customers. We’ve assisted with strategic planning efforts for acquisition process management, automation, software development; project process management, automation, and software development; and SharePoint environment and related features in support of our customers’ missions. We ensure that strategic software systems are efficiently and functionally integrated with present and future hardware requirements. OSS has also developed and supported software solutions and reports that our customers rely upon to streamline processes, including integrated Dashboards for tracking contract task orders and related modifications, projects and related execution activities, routing of documents for review and approval, and generating monthly metrics reports. Document routing workflows implemented by OSS personnel for Statements of Work (SOWs) have helped reduce total SOW review and approval timeline by 40%. We have streamlined customer metric reporting processes, reducing the reporting process timeline by over 50%. We’ve also assisted customers with migrating from on-premise SharePoint to SharePoint Online and the Microsoft Power platform.

Key customers that we have provided Enterprise Management Services include the Software, Simulation, Systems Engineering, and Integration Directorate, Prototype Integration Facility (PIF); the Aviation and Missile Technology Consortium (AMTC); and the University Affiliated Research Center (UARC).

PTC Value Added Reseller
OSS has been a member of the PTC Partner Network since 2019, but our team experience with PTC Products ThingWorx and Windchill began well before then. Our COO, Jeff Williams, led the development of a ThingWorx-based DoD Acquisition Management System, first deployed in 2017 and still performing reliably today, processing 700+ contract actions per year. When you purchase PTC licenses through OSS, you gain a partner seasoned in enterprise application development and system support, ready and available to advise and assist with implementing your PTC products and solutions. We are a small business that takes pride in treating every customer as our top priority, and you have our commitment on that even after you entrust us with your product purchase. We are an Authorized PTC License Reseller and Service Provider for the following products:  ThingWorx, Windchill, Creo, and Vuforia

ThingWorx-based Application Frameworks
Our ThingWorx-based Frameworks are powered by a low-maintenance, reliable database-driven workflow architecture, tailored for the following disciplines:  Acquisition Management and Project Management

PTC License Renewals
You can renew your PTC software licenses with OSS regardless of where you purchased them.

Technology Advancement Programs (TAP)

Technology Advancement Programs (TAP) is a dynamic capability area within OSS that spearheads advanced concept research, development, and innovation, extending its expertise beyond conventional boundaries. Our ISO 9001 certification in R&D of advanced concepts and AS9100D certification in Product Design and Development are testaments to our unwavering commitment to excellence. TAP boasts a diverse portfolio, ranging from OTA support of Electronic Warfare to weapon system design collaboration with a leading commercial gun manufacturer. Encompassing pivotal elements such as R&D, SBIR collaboration, OTAs, technology transfer, strategic partnerships, and a vibrant culture of innovation, TAP empowers us to lead the charge in developing cutting-edge defense technologies and shaping the future of innovation. With proven successes in multifaceted ventures, TAP continues to drive transformative advancements that redefine possibilities in the realm of defense and beyond.

Support of Operations, Fielding & Training (SOF-T)

Support of Operations, Fielding, & Training (SOF-T) is a comprehensive capability area within OSS that extends its expertise to address critical challenges beyond traditional boundaries. Our team plays an instrumental role in supporting the management of weapon systems obsolescence for Army and Navy weapon systems, ensuring their sustained effectiveness and reliability in the ever-evolving landscape of defense. This commitment to modernization and optimization is a testament to our dedication to excellence and delivering cutting-edge solutions. SOF-T also encompasses a diverse range of expertise, including Support of New Equipment Training (NET) for organizational equipment, as well as PEO Soldier’s only Force Projection Capability by supporting Static Line/Military Free fall, and Rigger capabilities, which are dedicated to enhancing Soldier Survivability (SSV) for PEO Soldier across the Continental US and locations Outside the Continental US, where we have executed support missions in # countries. In addition to our focus on defense systems, SOF-T personnel are invaluable in providing Office Administration Support for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), ensuring streamlined operations. Moreover, our team's proficiency extended to Language training package development for the Defense Learning Institute (DLI), contributing significantly to language training advancements. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, SOF-T continues to drive transformative advancements and address critical needs in operations, fielding, training, and the obsolescence management support of fielded weapon systems. Through strategic partnerships and a culture of innovation, we empower defense missions with cutting-edge solutions, safeguarding success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Key customers that we have provided SOF-T Services include the Tactical Aviation and Ground Munitions (TAGM) Project Office; PEO Soldier; the Missile Defense Agency (MDA); The AFC DEVCOM Aviation and Missile Center (AvMC); and the Defense Language Institute (DLI).

Cyber and Network (CaN)

OSS prioritizes Cyber Security and Support, grounded in our belief that it takes a network to defeat a network. As a result, we have formed strategic partnerships with the Department of Defense Cyber Crime Center (DC3), the Missile Defense Agency’s Cyber Assistance Team, and the NSA Cybersecurity Collaboration Center. Our cybersecurity services are comprehensive, involving the development of cybersecurity plans and policies, management of protective measures, cybersecurity training, and conducting system vulnerability assessments. We've also successfully guided customers through migrations from the DISA mail.mil to the Army 365 email environment, with our help desk providing support functions such as managing help tickets, user support calls, problem diagnostics, and problem resolution. Notably, we have served key customers like PEO Missiles and Space and the Army Uncrewed Aircraft Systems Project Office with our diverse support services.

OSS Corporate Capabilities (OCC)

OSS has invested in our corporate infrastructure and capabilities so that we can effectively and securely support our customers and employees. Our corporate infrastructure begins with the Microsoft Government Community Cloud High (GCC High) environment, an ITAR/EAR compliant DoD-approved CUI Impact Level 5 platform. We utilize GCC High SharePoint Online for all of our corporate functions and documentation management, as well as for our Employee Portal. We utilize the Unanet GovCon ERP for timekeeping and program control, hosted in Unanet’s secure GovCloud environment, which complies with government standards as set forth in the Federal Acquisition Regulation. We have established policies and procedures for creating general ledger accounts, recording of costs (direct, indirect, and unallowable), billing, timekeeping, and monitoring indirect rates, to name a few. OSS utilizes UKG, an enterprise Human Resources Information System (HRIS), that provides payroll, performance management, training, and recruiting capabilities.

OSS Cyber Focus

One of OSS's capability focus areas lies in ensuring robust compliance with regulations, such as the 52.204-21 Basic Safeguarding of Covered Contractor Information Systems (Jun 2016). Beyond that, we have proactively implemented various standards, compliance measures, and corporate systems to offer reliable and secure support to our customers and employees. These include adhering to Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFAR) Cyber National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) 800-171 Compliance, engaging in cyber monitoring and assessments in collaboration with Defense Cyber Crimes (DC3), Defense Industrial Base Collaboration Environment (DCISE), National Security Agency (NSA) Cyber Assistance Program (NSCAP), and the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) Cyber Assistance Team (CAT). Our security infrastructure comprises Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and a Security Operation Center (SOC) for effective threat detection. We prioritize vulnerability testing and integration into real-time DoD-assisted threat detection, and to ensure reliable IT support services, we partner with Simple Helix, a professional IT provider offering hardware, software, and network support.