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OSS greatest strength is our people. We expect competence and character. OSS looks for uniquely skilled, uncommonly experienced, and passionate individuals bound by a collective vision to bring their best to any situation, task, or mission



At OSS, everyone must be an expert in something. We find unique experts in their fields, encourage continual pursuit of their tradecraft, cross train our employees in multiple disciplines, and keep everyone informed through a flat organizational structure. We continually study, train, and rehearse our craft to perform our best.



The OSS’s strength lies in building ethical partnerships with Industry, Academia, Government, and Military. United as an extension of the OSS Network, we are committed to our partners' success, fostering trust, empowerment, and mutual support. In countering unethical adversaries, our cohesive network ensures effective information sharing, strategic coordination, and respect for noncombatant protection. By upholding our shared values and expectations, we remain resilient, accountable, and determined to achieve success while maintaining ethical integrity.

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Meet the OSS Corporate Staff.

TJ Wright


TJ Wright is the President and founder of OSS.  His vision for the OSS is based on his experiences as both an Operator and Senior Acquisition Officer for our Nation's best Special Operations Units, developing people, processes, and systems that work together as highly functional and effective teams.  TJ leads the company’s mission to make a difference for our Employees, Customers, Partners, the Warfighter and the Community by providing them Offset Advantages from Concept to Deployment.

Jeff Williams

Chief Operating Officer

Jeff Williams is the Chief Operating Officer at OSS, bringing over 30 years of industry experience to the company. As an accomplished executive, Jeff has consistently aided his corporate teams, customers, and employees in achieving their respective goals. Jeff plays a pivotal role within the OSS senior management team, overseeing the organization's operations and procedures, and helping lead business development. With an unwavering dedication to fostering team collaboration and empowering execution, he ensures efficient and effective project delivery, optimizes operational processes, and drives overall organizational success.

Lloyd Sanders

Chief Technology Officer

Lloyd Sanders is the Chief Technology Officer at OSS, where he has been an integral part of the team since year one. As a former US Army Infantry and Acquisition officer, Lloyd’s technical background includes extensive Special Operations technology development in Command, Control and Communications technologies, as well as management of several fleets of Army Uncrewed Aircraft Systems (UAS) for special and intelligence customers. With a strong focus on technology integration, Lloyd consistently collaborates with staff and capability managers to provide valuable insights, ensuring informed decision-making and seamless technological integration across all company operations. Working closely with the President, Chief Operating Officer, and other OSS staff, Lloyd's expertise guides the organization in leveraging technology to make a significant difference in the industry.

Slade White

Chief Engineer

Slade White is the Chief Engineer at OSS, bringing over 30 years of exceptional expertise in multiple engineering disciplines. In this critical role, Slade spearheads the growth of OSS's engineering capabilities, effectively addressing customer capability gaps. As the company's Senior Engineer, Slade provides overarching System of Systems integration leadership and technical expertise. His invaluable contributions include identifying and capitalizing on technical business opportunities, contributing significantly to the continued success and growth of the organization.

Chris Hill

Director of Strategic Development

Chris Hill is the Director of Strategic Development at OSS. Drawing from over 20 years of experience leading teams in complex missions, from combat reconnaissance patrols to managing major defense programs, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge to his role. His portfolio includes successful leadership and management of programs such as PM Joint Air-to-Ground Missile (JAGM), MDA Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD), STORM Product Office, and Patriot PAC-3 Missile Segment Enhancement (MSE). As the Strategic Development Director, Chris is responsible for driving the strategic growth of the company in the marketplace. This entails identifying and creating business opportunities, developing pursuit strategies, and effectively managing cross-functional teams to capture revenue and achieve remarkable growth. Chris's unwavering dedication to driving expansion and enhancing OSS's presence significantly contributes to the company's continued success.

Ally Casteel

Director of HR / EXPRESS PM

Ally Casteel is the Director of HR and EXPRESS PM at OSS. In this capacity, Ally strategically plans, leads, directs, develops, and coordinates all HR policies and activities within the organization. Leveraging her extensive 25 years of professional experience in government contracting companies, Ally brings a wealth of knowledge to her position. She ensures legal compliance and skillfully implements the organization's mission and talent strategy. Moreover, Ally serves as the Program Manager for the EXPRESS contract vehicle, collaborating closely with key partners in Technical, Program Management, and Logistics to consistently deliver successful outcomes.

Belinda Finley


Belinda Finley is the Controller at OSS and leads our Accounting function. With a remarkable career spanning 35 years in both the government and commercial sectors, Belinda brings a wealth of expertise to her role. Her responsibilities encompass payroll management, accounts payable and receivable, budgeting, tax payment management, and internal audits. Acting as a trusted consultant to senior managers, she provides critical cost and revenue analyses. Belinda's extensive knowledge in areas such as Wide Area Workflow (WAWF), CBA, Service Contract Act (SCA) payrolls, and proposal pricing greatly contributes to the financial health and continued success of the company.

George Bell

Director of Enterprise Management

George Bell is the Director of Enterprise Management Services at OSS, and brings over 30 years of experience of government and civilian experience. George currently supports customers across Aviation and Missile Center (AvMC) of Army Futures Command DEVCOM. Prior to joining OSS, he held the position of Program Manager at Kratos Defense and Security solutions supporting Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation where he was responsible for modernizing their use of SharePoint. He also has experience as government civilian in the Chief Information Office (CIO-G6) for Aviation Missile Command (AMCOM) where he oversaw the administration of the Army Time and Attendance and was over of the original proponents for SharePoint. His goal has always been to exceed customer expectations and enable team members to do more.

Tammy Stedham

IT and Cybersecurity Specialist

Tammy Stedham is the IT System Administrator at OSS. In her pivotal role, Tammy spearheads the design, organization, modification, and support of the organization's computer systems. She is responsible for efficiently managing and resolving issues related to Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN), and network segments. Tammy's exceptional skill set and extensive experience as an IT professional enable her to tackle complex problems with ease. With a deep understanding of IT infrastructure, Tammy consistently applies her knowledge to deliver effective solutions.