Support of Operations, Fielding & Training (SOF-T)

Support of Operations, Fielding, & Training (SOF-T) is a comprehensive capability area within OSS that extends its expertise to address critical challenges beyond traditional boundaries. Our team plays an instrumental role in supporting the management of weapon systems obsolescence for Army and Navy weapon systems, ensuring their sustained effectiveness and reliability in the ever-evolving landscape of defense. This commitment to modernization and optimization is a testament to our dedication to excellence and delivering cutting-edge solutions. SOF-T also encompasses a diverse range of expertise, including Support of New Equipment Training (NET) for organizational equipment, as well as PEO Soldier’s only Force Projection Capability by supporting Static Line/Military Free fall, and Rigger capabilities, which are dedicated to enhancing Soldier Survivability (SSV) for PEO Soldier across the Continental US and locations Outside the Continental US, where we have executed support missions in # countries. In addition to our focus on defense systems, SOF-T personnel are invaluable in providing Office Administration Support for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA), ensuring streamlined operations. Moreover, our team's proficiency extended to Language training package development for the Defense Learning Institute (DLI), contributing significantly to language training advancements. With an unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence, SOF-T continues to drive transformative advancements and address critical needs in operations, fielding, training, and the obsolescence management support of fielded weapon systems. Through strategic partnerships and a culture of innovation, we empower defense missions with cutting-edge solutions, safeguarding success in a rapidly evolving landscape.

Key customers that we have provided SOF-T Services include the Tactical Aviation and Ground Munitions (TAGM) Project Office; PEO Soldier; the Missile Defense Agency (MDA); The AFC DEVCOM Aviation and Missile Center (AvMC); and the Defense Language Institute (DLI).