Technology Advancement Programs (TAP)

Technology Advancement Programs (TAP) is a dynamic capability area within OSS that spearheads advanced concept research, development, and innovation, extending its expertise beyond conventional boundaries. Our ISO 9001 certification in R&D of advanced concepts and AS9100D certification in Product Design and Development are testaments to our unwavering commitment to excellence. TAP boasts a diverse portfolio, ranging from OTA support of Electronic Warfare to weapon system design collaboration with a leading commercial gun manufacturer. Encompassing pivotal elements such as R&D, SBIR collaboration, OTAs, technology transfer, strategic partnerships, and a vibrant culture of innovation, TAP empowers us to lead the charge in developing cutting-edge defense technologies and shaping the future of innovation. With proven successes in multifaceted ventures, TAP continues to drive transformative advancements that redefine possibilities in the realm of defense and beyond.