Missiles, Machines, AI, & Drones (MAD)

Missiles, Machines, AI, and Drones (MAD) forms OSS's Autonomous capability, propelling groundbreaking advancements in autonomous systems. Our proficient Engineering and Technical Personnel bolster Program Manager, Uncrewed Autonomous System's (PM UAS) ventures, encompassing Small UAS, Tactical UAS, and Endurance UAS exceptional support to the US Army and USSOCOM. Our pivotal involvement extends to the Ground Vehicle Support Center (GVSC), where we excel in developing weapons machine software interface, while serving as dedicated PEO liaisons between GVSC and PM UAS. Additionally, our expertise in Modeling & Simulation empowers us to craft sophisticated autonomous solutions, evident in our contributions to UAB AVMI and continued partnership with NATO AVT in Modeling & Simulation programs embracing Autonomy. MAD's vision drives us to spearhead the forefront of autonomous technologies, revolutionizing defense systems and shaping the future of uncrewed capabilities.