• Offset Strategic Services: A Pillar of Support for Veterans

    Offset Strategic Services (OSS) is proud to have played an instrumental role in the planning, execution, and sponsorship of the Huntsville Special Operation Forces Network's 6th Annual Bullets, Bourbon, and Barbeque event. Hosted at the scenic King B Farm, the event championed the cause of our esteemed friends at Still Serving Veterans raising over $150,000 dollars.

    In its commitment to the event, OSS sponsored the Oracle Arms pistol range, which is recognized as the SHOT Show and National Rifle Association gun of the year. The success of this event is largely attributed to the magnanimity of our invaluable sponsors and supporters.

    A special highlight of the day was the presence of Eric O'Neill, the intrepid FBI agent and friend of OSS, is responsible for capturing Robert Hanssen, the country's most infamous spy. O'Neill's tales and valor added an extraordinary touch to an already memorable day.

    OSS is eager to reconvene next year and create even more cherished memories in 2024. The team extends its gratitude to all participants and attendees for transforming this event into a notable occasion.

    For more about Offset Strategic Services and their unwavering support for the community and veterans, reach out to [contact information].

    About Offset Strategic Services (OSS):
    Situated in Huntsville, AL, Offset Strategic Services stands out as a premier provider of Engineering and Technical Solutions. Their unwavering excellence and dedication to the community and its stakeholders have made them a benchmark in their field. As a Veteran-Owned Business, OSS is deeply committed to making a lasting impact in the lives of Veterans.

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