An offset is a means of compensating for a disadvantage. Rather than match an opponent in an unfavorable competition, changing the competition to one's advantage enables the application of strengths to a problem that is otherwise either unwinnable or winnable at a great cost.


An offset strategy consequently seeks to deliberately change an unfavorable competition to a more advantageous sustained position for the implementer.


Offset Strategic Services applies unique technologies, tactics, skill sets, experiences, and peak performance principles to enhance, amplify and augment operators and teams to perform their best. We influence strategic outcomes by melding our team's brilliance, innovation, art, and science to offset quantitative inferiority so that your team wins.


Our research and analytic practices start with the end user. We understand current doctrine, tactics, and technologies, and their associated strengths and weaknesses. We use that knowledge to determine the application of past, present, and new technologies and how they can enable future concepts. We find unexpected solutions to complex problems by applying science, technology, engineering, art, design and mathematics to gain an unexpected advantage.

Why the OSS?

    We believe in making a difference.

  • Our purpose is to make a difference. We want to make a difference in our employees’ lives, their communities, this great Nation, and most importantly, the men and women who protect it. We do this by finding the right people with unique experiences, skill sets and talents, encouraging continual pursuit of excellence, cross training our employees in multiple disciplines, and keeping everyone informed through a flat organizational structure to empower the team to bring its best.

  • We start with the user, understanding current doctrine, tactics, technologies, and their associated strengths and weaknesses to determine how they can be applied to future concepts. We find unexpected solutions to complex problems by melding science, technology, engineering, art, design, and mathematics to gain our partners an unexpected advantage.

  • Located with offices in the Silicon Valley of the DoD, Huntsville, Alabama, the OSS is a SDVOSB founded on simple truths and those who are obsessed with chasing greatness. OSS personnel have led Special Forces Operational Detachments, placed in Army Best Ranger, won the Army's Acquisition Excellence Award, AL&T Magazine article of the year honors, managed Major Defense Acquisition Programs ahead of schedule and under cost, and have led National programs worldwide where schedules are measured in days and hours. Our chemistry of fusing brilliance and innovation with mental toughness ensures your team wins.