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Huntsville SOF Network & Cyber Huntsville Co-Host "Spy Catcher" Eric O'Neill

Wednesday, October 25, 2017
You have an opportunity to meet and hear from another American hero on 16 November. This time, the Huntsville SOF Network teamed up with Cyber Huntsville to co-host an evening with Eric O'Neill, FBI spy catcher who took down Robert Hanssen. The event will be held at Campus 805 from 6-8pm on 16 November. Tickets are only $35. Eric will tell us what really happened behind his extremely dangerous assignment. For those not familiar with the story, Robert Hanssen is one of America’s most notorious spies who had been spying for the Russians since 1984 sending intelligence assets to their deaths. Eric’s story is amazing. Ryan Phillipe played Eric in the movie Breach. You need to watch the film if you haven’t seen it, great movie. We will have great food, a cash bar with Huntsville’s finest craft beers, Proof of Life Productions filming the 4th Talk SOF presentation, and networking like none other fueled by the Huntsville SOF Network and Cyber Huntsville.

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