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Quality Assurance Model Streamlines Acquisition Through Process Improvement

Tuesday, May 23, 2017
Today’s most business-savvy industry and government professionals are integrating quality assurance (QA) and process improvement techniques, promising an era of more efficient, effective operations. The paradigm shift is rippling throughout the defense acquisition community, and Program Executive Office (PEO) Soldier is seeing the techniques take root in its own operations. The product management offices (PMOs) within PEO Soldier welcome an influx of new QA engineers who are introducing new process improvement and QA techniques to our standard business practices — those we implement internally and those we employ with our stakeholders. The number of QA engineers continues to grow, as does support for their practices. Product managers (PMs) and PEOs recognize this, as do senior acquisition leaders who offer initiatives such as the Army Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Additional Skill Identifier. The looking glass appears to have turned inward, with a heavier focus on process improvement in the PMOs.

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